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Barbara Dunn


A pioneer in the medical billing and coding world, Barbara has helped a wide range of health care clients for more than three decades. Blending financial analysis, compliance mastery and procedural expertise, Barbara is known for defining and implementing medical office best practices. From directly managing medical office staff to serving as head of surgical collections for a major health care system, Barbara's vast experience and insurance knowledge has helped physicians nationwide with enhanced revenues and implementing streamlined procedures. Additionally, she has been instrumental in developing and consulting on company compliance, procedural, technical and HIPAA policy manuals. Today, under Barbara's guidance, MedRecovery Solutions has realized its greatest vision of creating strong working partnerships with physicians and staff to achieve maximum efficiencies.

An expert at medical collections and compliance, Diana has been bringing innovation and enhancements to billing for more than 15 years. With a background combining administrative processes, physician relations and international billing and collections, Diana helped found MedRecovery Solutions to assist more physicians with realizing lost revenues. Her experience includes multiple specialties including large inpatient/outpatient facilities, doctor's offices, rehabilitation hospitals, physical therapy clinics, nursing homes and physician groups.

Together, Barbara and Diana have created today's MedRecovery Solutions, an organization dedicated to implementing medical office best practices, and most importantly, getting physicians paid for the care they give.

Diana Ward

Vice President


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