"David and I want to thank you for the holiday gift. We liked the wonderful idea of having a tree planted on our behalf. Of course, the greatest gift that your company gives us is the excellent service that you and your staff provide through out the year!! Your team is the best."
- Toni and David

"We feel very thankful to have such a great billing staff. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to getting us what we deserve in today's healthcare system. By you guys doing what you do, it allows us to focus on taking care of patients and not be overwhelmed by the insurance frustration." - Dr. Paul Gil

"You did a really good job and they found the program very informative. Thank you for educating these residents."

- Dr. Briscoe, Methodist Hospital

"Thanks for your help with all this credentialing stuff; I'm glad I don't have to figure out all this stuff on my own!" - Carlos Buckner, MD

"I appreciate your efforts and that's only one of the reasons I want to stick with you. MRS is the best and I am getting your name out as much as I can."

- Jeffrey N. Bowman, DPM

"It's my pleasure to send referrals. I hope that they are worthwhile. Keep doing a great job. I enjoy not having to worry too much about the billing and focus on taking care of patients, and you allow me to do that." - KPG

“One of my best achievements was getting the doctors to bring MedRecovery on board. It was the most advantageous move they have made! You and your team are doing a wonderful job!”
- Carol Kapeles, Practice Manager
Western Medical Associates, P.C.

"Dialyspa's revenues have taken

off since we completely changed

the standard in our industry for billing because of the personalized and customized approach by

the professionals at

MedRecovery Solutions."

- Jeff Kalina, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

Chairman and CEO, Dialyspa

"You guys have done a phenomenal job without much help from me and I apologize for that. This past year has been the worst challenge of my working career and it helped me so much to know the "old" practice AR was in your hands. I will always refer people to you guys as the best. I've worked with several companies over the past 25 years and there's just

no comparison."

- Brenda Hall, Office Administrator

Collin County Surgeons, McKinney, Texas

"Thanks for providing such outstanding personal service last year. The doctor and I look forward to having another successful year with our amazing billing team!"

- Toni Hyams, Practice Administrator

" I have been in the healthcare world for many years and have had the opportunity to work with the best RCM employees. I just reviewed CHC to see how much more we need to collect and amazed at the job that you have done! You have the best practice I have ever seen, your follow through is excellent,

and claims go out timely and clean.

It is a pleasure working with you. "

- Fe Bardeloza Cruz
Controller, Intercede Health

"MedReceovery Solutions, you are wonderful! Great job to you and your staff. I am very blessed that Dr.Correa told me about you. Thank you for all of your hard work!"

- Jason Petrungaro, MD.

"I'm very impressed with the work done on the MACRA attachment, it obviously took a lot of time and thought. A sheet like this will make the doctors’s job, as well as mine,

so much easier. Your billing company continues to surpass my expectations of what a billing company should be, I'm so glad

we found you."
- Toni Hyams, Office Manager

"Thanks to Jenny and Mori for the hard work in pulling this together for me. I am thankful every day that we are using MedRecovery for our billing. We never received anywhere close to this type of service from our old billing company."

- CFO, TNA Corporation

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